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Subjective & Objective Projection

The Great White Silence (EOTWS)

Un Chien Andalou (EOTWS)

Symphonie Diagonale (EOTWS)

Secrets Of A Soul - The Psychoanalytic Film

Metropolis (EOTWS)

Destiny (EOTWS)

The Seashell And The Clergyman - Cinema As An Ideology

Seven Chances (EOTWS)

Tartuffe (EOTWS)

The Adorable Cheat (EOTWS)

The Pearl (EOTWS)

The Adventures Of Prince Achmed (EOTWS)

A Night At The Opera/Our Hospitality/City Lights - Early Comedy Archetypes & Conventions

Within Our Gates (EOTWS)

Mother (EOTWS)

The Black Pirate (EOTWS)

Faust (EOTWS)

City Symphonies - What Have We Done?

The Phantom Carriage (EOTWS)

Pandora's Box (EOTWS)

A Page Of Madness (EOTWS)

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (EOTWS)

Nosferatu (EOTWS)

Strike - The Broken Stage; Shaping Society

Lonesome (EOTWS)

Combat De Boxe (EOTWS)

Ménilmontant (EOTWS)

The Seashell And The Clergyman (EOTWS)

The Last Laugh - Social Facade

The Golem: How He Came Into The World (EOTWS)

Don Jon/Sunrise - The Two Modes Of Wish Fulfillment

Battleship Potemkin/Empire - The Short-Hand Arduous Story

The Last Warning - Where Did Superimposition Go?

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