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I'm Daniel Slack. I watch films. I write my own screenplays, which you can read on this blog. And I write about films, which is most of what this blog is.

One of the best introductions to any online piece of media I've come across came from Dan Carlin, who asks the question...

What if Alexander The Great had a podcast?

What Carlin picks up on here is exactly how brilliant our times are; we, as a society in time, are free to create a three-dimensional historical record of ourselves through blogs, videos and podcasts. This means that all we put out through these internet-based mediums will likely live on, etched in digital stone, far beyond ourselves. This includes the good... the bad... and the ugly.

This blog certainly contains its fair share of the good, bad and ugly. I make no attempt at an excuse with this, but I run this blog alone and so it is always evolving and will be imperfect; you may find it muddled, incoherent and a vast many other things; you may also ind speling mitakes, erors and unavertent falcities (a good dose of hot air, too). This is nonetheless called Thoughts On as an expression of my lack of creativity when it concerns blog names, and also because this is an attempt towards letting the information and ideas that flow through my head out to whoever is wanting to read it.

Getting down to what you'll find on this site, you essentially have long (Thoughts On) and short (Quick Thoughts) form essays that can analyse a film, review one or propose a theory of sorts. I attempt to review as many different kinds of movies from as many regions and ages as possible. I run long and short series that facilitate this, some examples being the World Cinema series, which picks one film from every country in the world, the Every Year In Film series, which picks one film from every year since 1874, The Disney series, which runs through Disney and Pixar films and The End Of The Week Shorts, which are a collection of short reviews I put out (on Sunday) on films I watch during the week, but don't write about on the blog.

Whilst I believe that film history, in particular, is very important, I also believe that the discussion of films of your age is equally important. After all, if not us, who is to be the mediators of and commentators on the endless stream of movies that the world produces? As you could then be expected, there is some weighting of my film choices towards the new.

As said, I write my own screenplays. (I am far from a professional screenwriter). I make these available on the blog, and they can also be purchased on Amazon, as I think film criticism and theory, much like filmmaking of any sort, can prove itself to be pointless and masturbatory if there is not a relationship between creation and reflection. The screenplays are also an open invite for you to judge me as I judge movies. And you can also check out the series in which I write about films connected to my screenplays.

Without wanting to exhaust you, I'll brings things towards an end by saying that much of everything on the blog is self-explanatory. I'm open to suggestions of films you'd like to read about and the comments are open.

To give you a further idea of who I am and what I'm like, the best thing I could is throw a block of some of my favourite films at you...


There are many more, but, if you want to get to know me better, there's a whole blog at your finger-tips to explore. So, now you know a bit about me and the blog, I'll leave you with links to this page here, in which you will find posts that further discuss much of what we're trying to do on this blog, and my social media stuff. (I highly recommend a letterboxd account to anyone who hasn't got one and loves film).

Thanks for reading.

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