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Modern Times/Playtime - Chaos In Modernity

The Grand Illusion - As Unconscious Truth Rises...

Only Angels Have Wings (EOTWS)

The Black Cat (EOTWS)

It Happened One Night (EOTWS)

The Blue Angel (EOTWS)

M - Justice Hurts

Boudu Saved From Drowning (EOTWS)

Make Way For Tomorrow (EOTWS)

The Wizard Of Oz/No Country For Old Men - Objective Impressionism

People On Sunday (EOTWS)

Alexander Nevsky (EOTWS)

It Happened One Night (EOTWS)

Island Of Lost Souls (EOTWS)

A Night At The Opera/Our Hospitality/City Lights - Early Comedy Archetypes & Conventions

Enthusiasm (EOTWS)

Select Films Of Norman McLaren - Logic Of The Singing, Dancing Line

The Mummy (EOTWS)

Love Me Tonight (EOTWS)

City Symphonies - What Have We Done?

The Blood Of The Poet (EOTWS)

Top Hat (EOTWS)

Stagecoach (EOTWS)

Vampyr (EOTWS)

Dracula (EOTWS)

Her Man - The Pre-Code Days

À Propos De Nice - Radicals & Scathing Montage

Shall We Dance (EOTWS)

Magic Myxies (EOTWS)

Footlight Parade (EOTWS)

Earth (EOTWS)

The Invisible Man (EOTWS)

The Only Son (EOTWS)

L’Âge D’Or (EOWTS)

Stoopnocracy (EOTWS)

Dizzy Dishes (EOTWS)

Swing Time - Swell Romance

Scarface - The Mob Movie & The Familial Tragedy

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