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Subjective & Objective Projection

The Harder They Come - Crime, Punishment & Insight

Sholay - The Masala Film

Eraserhead - Into The Anima

Cinderella - Another Cinderella Story

The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (EOTWS)

Autumn Sonata - The Infantalising Mother

Scenes From A Marriage (EOTWS)

Tales From The Crypt (EOTWS)

The Castle Of Cagliostro - Hints Of Hayao

A Special Day (EOTWS)

The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (EOTWS)

Mirror (EOTWS)

Gol Maal (EOTWS)

The Terror And The Time - Poetry & Politics

Stalker - Transcendent Function: Art As Becomingness

Man With A Movie Camera (EOTWS)

The Devils (EOTWS)

The Ascent (EOTWS)

The Warriors (EOTWS) 

Suspiria (EOTWS)

Snake In The Eagle's Shadow (EOTWS)

Xala (EOTWS) 

Tout Va Bien (EOTWS)

Numéro Deux - Say What!?

The Man Who Sleeps (EOTWS)

Fantastic Planet (EOTWS)

George Carlin: On Location At Phoenix (EOTWS)

Attila '74 - History On Film

TV Ping Pong (EOTWS)

Black And White In Colour - Satire, Poorly Thought Through

Nosferatu The Vampyre (EOTWS)

Symptoms (EOTWS)

Countess Dracula (EOTWS)

Capricorn One - Debate Yourself

Zabriskie Point (EOTWS)

The Jerk (EOTWS)

El Topo (EOTWS)

The Goat Horn - A Man's World

Killer Of Sheep (EOTWS)

Walkabout - Another Way

A Woman Under The Influence - ____spection

Roti Kapada Aur Makaan - Spaghetti Musical

A River Called Titas - Hyperlink Cinema

Duel (EOTWS)

All That Jazz (EOTWS)

House (EOTWS)

Earth Of People/Beginning/We/Seasons Of The Year/ The End - The Cine-Poem

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