A Simple Life (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #20 extract: A Simple Life (2011)

A Simple Life is a subdued and beautiful film about ageing, but more so autonomy and life a cycle of caring and dependence. In such, as it follows a maid who has served a family for over 60 years into her final days, the boy she has looked his whole life, who is an adult now, discovers that it is now his turn to care for her - but without infantilizing her. 
Without drama and without any huge revelations, A Simple Life is an affecting, leisurely poem that contemplates the humbleness of life as it approaches its end. And so it is with seeming effortlessness that this narrative encompasses itself, articulating all that could be said about its themes perfectly before driving deep into your psyche to find a comfortable place and nestle there. Surely not something I will be forgetting soon, A Simple Life is an exceptional picture.

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