All That Jazz (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #8.2 extract: All That Jazz (1979)

This is an excellent film; essentially, a meeting of Fellini's 8 1/2 and Powell and Pressburger's The Red Shoes. 
Starting with its downfalls, as this isn't a perfect film, All That Jazz isn't very well paced - especially in the latter half. The sequences are often too drawn out, which is somewhat understandable considering that this is a musical of sorts, but these sequences usually fail to add new layers to the subtext of the narrative. Moreover, the musical numbers simply aren't very good - judging the music unto itself. This ultimately leaves All That Jazz as, in some ways, lacking in atmosphere and a dramatic/spectacular punch. 
That said, the formal achievements in this film are pretty immense. Exploring a self-absorbed artist through his work, much like Fellini does in 8 1/2, we also see exposed a complex commentary on the momentum of life in face of death by this narrative. With the direction, cinematography and set-design embellishing these elements of the script, it's then pretty undeniable that this is a hugely significant feat. 
So, all in all, whilst I wasn't fully immersed into this narrative, I was struck by all that it was and have a sneaking suspicion that this is a film that will grow on me as I re-watch it over time.

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