Thoughts On: Bill Burr: Let It Go (EOTWS)

Bill Burr: Let It Go (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #20 extract: Bill Burr: Let It Go (2010)

By now I basically know most of these jokes by heart - and they still work wonders. 
I think this has to be Burr's best special. It captures everything that makes his on-stage persona so purely hilarious. As the title ironically implies, Burr is like a coil slowly being compressed by the subtle nuisances and common annoyances in the world, waiting to explode, unable to let much go at all. His comedy is then just as much catharsis as it is an average man's social commentary on the world around him. Overflowing with paranoia, anger, suppression and, most of all, genuity, Let It Go is ultimately such a precious gem of comedy because it is seemingly a self-served therapy session, Burr the precisely articulate psychiatrist and the frothing-at-the-mouth patient all at once. 
Truly one of the greatest comedy hours ever put together and performed, Let It Go is the work of a self-effacing master.

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