Bottle Rocket (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #17 extract: Bottle Rocket (1996)

A strangely beautiful film and probably my favourite Wes Anderson picture. 
Anderson's style isn't as strong as it is in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom, but I think that's contributes to a lot of what makes this film so great. It has a hint of weirdness to it, but that lies mainly within the characters - all of whom are entirely genuine and far too easy to empathise with. I then suppose what distinguishes this film from many of Anderson's others is the fact that story is the star of this narrative, not necessarily Anderson. This gives Bottle Rocket a sense of individuality and focus that really immerses you into the world of our ridiculous, yet lovable characters. 
If you haven't seen it, I would certainly recommend giving it a go.

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