Brief Encounter (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #8.1 extract: Brief Encounter (1945)

Any romance that features a love triangle or some form of cheating is very hard to do well, but Brief Encounter is an effortlessly masterful depiction of extramarital love affairs. 
This all comes down to the manner in which, through script, cinematography and camerawork, we are made to see the subjective and psychological perspective of our main character, Laura Jesson. In such, we are made to understand the confounding, tearing emotions of a person who has stumbled onto love when they know they ought not to. So, as the title and taglines suggest, this film is about the bittersweet brevity of precious encounters that life sometimes throws our way. 
Every second of this film exudes this powerful and complex emotional concept, deeming it one of the greatest romance films I have ever seen.

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