Come And See (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #9 extract: Come And See (1985)

A masterpiece. One of the most visceral and impactful war films I have ever seen. 
Come And See is a surreal blend of impressionism and carnage set during WWII that follows a young man who attempts to join resistance fighters and repel the Germans who are invading Byelorussian (Belarusan) villages. There is no strong sense of a plot within this film, instead, a fractured narrative stitched together through poetic cinematic language and silenced, yet devastatingly poignant, characterisation. This heightens the associative tone, drawing your senses into this story entirely as you're helplessly subjected to a raw exploration of the most torturous and dire of human struggles. 
Come And See is ultimately an undeniable opus of masterful cinematic storytelling that is a little tough to get through, but overwhelmingly worthwhile.

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