Elegy (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts 7.1 extract: Elegy (1965)

Elegy is an expressive cinematic poem that explores horses' (as a species) relationship with humanity. In such, it asks the viewer to question our initial domestication of them thousands of years ago in respect to the manner in which we treat them in the modern age; one that hardly utilises the horse for transport, rarely for labour, in some countries, for food, though often just as attractions such as the circus and races. 
This is such a poignant short thanks to its editing - which has you locked into the narrative with a precise control the ambiguous, sometimes horrifying, atmosphere and tone. Moreover, Elegy has intriguing effects put in place which embellish the poetic montage and add intricacy to the aesthetic approach. 
So, all in all, Elegy is a mesmerising short with compelling subtext that I'd recommend to anyone who's not too squeamish.

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