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Bleach - Depth Symbology: The Phallus Fallacy

The Jungle Book - Live-Action?

Clash Of The Titans - Cinematic Mythology & Numinous Fantasy

Reptilicus (EOTWS)

Toy Story 3 (EOTWS)

Killer Condom (EOTWS)

Isle Of Dogs - Style, No...

Anastasia (EOTWS)

Wings Of Desire (EOTWS)

Ramayana (EOTWS)

Black Panther - Collective(s)

Transformers - Elements Of Bastard Cinema: Image, Narrative, Character

The Shape Of Water (EOTWS)

Arrietty - The Family Spirits

Justice League - Smart-Stupid

Coco (EOTWS)

Ponyo - Tonal & Logical Consistency

Labyrinth (EOTWS)

Tales From Earthsea - The Archetypal & The Cliched

The Cat Returns - At Your Own Pace

Spirited Away - Sink Into Who You Are

Destiny (EOTWS)

Thor: The Dark World (EOTWS)

Thor (EOTWS)

Thor: Ragnarok - Marvel Mythology?

Moana (EOTWS)

DragonHeart (EOTWS)

The Warriors (EOTWS) 

Princess Mononoke - Children Of Nature

Gantz: O - Game Cinema

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (EOTWS)


Whisper Of The Heart - The Emergence Of Personage

Pom Poko - Whimsical Deception

Porco Rosso - Quintessential Ghibli

Yeelen (EOTWS)

Kiki's Delivery Service - To Sell Ones Soul

King Arthur - A Downtrodden Masterpiece

Every Year In Film #26 - Dream Of The Moon

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (EOTWS)

Spider-Man: Homecoming - The Postmodern Conflict

Fantastic Planet (EOTWS)

Mad About Men (EOTWS)

Laputa: Castle In The Sky - Atlantis Calls

Apocalypse, CA - Attack Of The 50 Inch Wide Mole

Heavy Metal (EOTWS)

Moana - What 'Girl Power' Actually Means

The Good Dinosaur - World & Story

The Adventures Of Prince Achmed (EOTWS)

Teen Wolf (EOTWS)

Frozen - Let It Go?

Wreck-It Ralph - Compromise & Acceptance

Willow (EOTWS)

Cinderella (EOTWS)

Deathstalker (EOTWS)

Brave - Fairy Tales: Judgement & Pain

The Secret Of Magic Island (EOTWS)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (EOTWS)

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (EOTWS)

Tangled - Classical Essence?

The City Of Lost Children - Creation In Vain

Beauty And The Beast (EOTWS)

The City Of Lost Children (EOTWS)

Wonder Woman - Silence & Motion

Faust (EOTWS)

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