Forrest Gump (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #20 extract: Forrest Gmp (1994)

The thing I've always loved about Forrest Gump is its use of the naive and bumbling hero. This is an archetype just about as old as cinema that is usually defined by the comic, a Keaton, a Chaplin, who accidentally falls in love and/or saves the day. Some of the greatest examples of this would then be The Great Dictator or Sherlock Jr. 
Forrest Gump takes this very old archetype and, instead of pulling from him comedy or a cute attempt towards endearment, there is extracted genuine emotion, an idea of true love and true loyalty, but also real wisdom. As oxymoronic or contradictory as this may seem, it is irrefutable that Forrest Gump works as a tale of a haphazard hero, one who exudes truth as a his only weapon and only self-defence.

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