Thoughts On: Irene (EOTWS)

Irene (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #22 extract: Irene (2014)

Irene is a truly tremendous short film that is essentially about being trapped in a cycle of personal and familial necessities coming into conflict. In such, it follows a single, young mother who lives with her son and mother who attempts to find love again. 
Whilst this didn't have any subtitles, with my very limited understanding of Spanish and with thanks to the minimal dialogue, I managed to keep up with this film. However, the absolutely brilliant lead performance of Liliana Biamonte transcends words, capturing all of the emotions and beats of this narrative effortlessly with silent expressions and gestures. Supported by the sumptuous cinematography that uses warm hues and colours perfectly and the subtly impressionistic direction, this short then exudes pure cinematic expression, leaving there no real need for subtitles. 
Paced with concentration and focus, Irene is utterly immersive and well worth the watch. Check it out here:

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