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La Dolce Vita/8 1/2 - Character-Spectacle

L’Âge D’Or (EOWTS)

Landscape Suicide (EOTWS)

The Last Laugh - Social Facade

Life (EOTWS)


Little Miss Sunshine (EOTWS)

Lizzie Comes To Bridgetown/Bajan Heat/Auntie - 3 Barbadian Shorts

Lonesome (EOTWS)

The Look Of Silence - Humanity, Humility, Humiliation

Lost In Translation - Existential Drama

Louis C.K. 2017 (EOTWS)

Love Me Tonight (EOTWS)

Select Films Of Norman McLaren (Love On The Wing) - Logic Of The Singing, Dancing Line

Lucky Number Slevin (EOTWS)

Lumumba - Political/Historical > Drama/Character

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