Thoughts On: Lessons Of Darkness (EOTWS)

Lessons Of Darkness (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #26 extract: Lessons Of Darkness (1992)

An audio-visual masterpiece, Herzog's Lessons Of Darkness is shot after shot after shot after shot of devastatingly beautiful imagery, so awe-inspiring that they seem to transcend earthly description as to silently depict the alien and the ethereal. 
Capturing the aftermath of the First Gulf War and the Kuwaiti oil fires, this film embodies the concept of 'apocalyptic' with sheer grace and no context. Less a documentary and more a fantasy, there is then little that can be easily articulated about this movie. We are invited to step into a new and monstrous world and are soon left stumbling away without comprehension, just a slack jaw and an obliterated imagination.

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