Love Me Tonight (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #17 extract: Love Me Tonight (1932)

An enjoyable pre-code picture, though, very predictable and never really impressive. Many characters are likeable, the script is a little bumpy, the songs are ok, but, save one or two, are forgettable and were unable to prick the needle on the meter of my attention. There are many interesting moments of sound design throughout this narrative, which is what I knew this film for going into it, and also a few nice bits of editing. 
However, beyond this there is not much of note about this film. It is certainly not much of a drag and manages to fill its run time with a few entertaining set-pieces - maybe the uncensored original version (which has been lost) would have been a little more captivating. All in all, Love Me Tonight is a few notches above mediocre and not much more.

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