Magma: Volcanic Disaster (EOTWS)

Magic Myxies (EOTWS)

The Maid - Dynamics

Make Way For Tomorrow (EOTWS)

A Man Escaped (EOTWS) 

Man Of The Soil - Life Is Here

A Man There Was (EOTWS)

The Man Who Sleeps (EOTWS)

City Symphonies (Manhatta/Man With A Movie Camera) - What Have We Done?

Every Year In Film #8 - Man Walking Around A Corner

Monsters, Inc. - Inter-Narrative & Super-Narrative

Monsters, Inc. - Parenting

Moolaadé - Purification?

Moonlight (EOTWS)


Every Year In Film #25 - The Moonshiner

Moor (EOTWS)

Mother - The Maternal Nightmare

Mother (EOTWS)

Mother Of George - Simple Stories vs. Boring Stories

Mothlight (EOTWS)

Mouchette (EOTWS)

Mr. And Mrs. (EOTWS)

Mr. India (EOTWS)

Mughal-e-Azam (EOTWS)

Mulan - Heroes

The Mummy (EOTWS)

The Murderers Are Among Us (EOTWS)

My Life As A Zucchini (EOTWS) 

My Neighbors The Yamadas - Cartoon Expressionism, Subdued Impressionism & Innocent Surrealism

My Neighbour Totoro (EOTWS)

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