Magic Myxies (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #8.1 extract: Magic Myxies (1931)

This is a really impressive science documentary of sorts from the 1930s co-directed by an early British pioneer in the field, F. Percy Smith. In such, this contains some of Smith's most astounding use of both micro and time lapse photography as "Magic Myxies" are investigated. 
The downfalls of this film come down to the science and little else. So, primarily, this subject is far too dumbed down, but the script is also pretty incorrect about many things. The main blunder is that, whilst these Myxies (Myxomycetes - slime moulds) are Eukaryotic organisms (they have membrane-bound organelles, which separates them from bacteria - Prokaryotes) they are neither animals, plants or fungi, instead, protista (a kingdom of organisms that kind of just means "other"). (High school biology seemingly does come in handy later in life). However, considering that this documentary is over 85 years old, this can be forgiven. 
So, despite these scientific fallacies, Magic Myxies is still a pretty awesome film from a technological and aesthetic perspective. 
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