Thoughts On: Mr. And Mrs. (EOTWS)

Mr. And Mrs. (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #25 extract: Mr. And Mrs. (2012)

Though simple and imperfect, I found Mr. And Mrs. to be an irrationally phenomenal movie. But, above all else, Mr. And Mrs. has heart and character; it is a movie that exudes genuity and has clear, honourable intentions. 
The imperfections of this film concern some technical details (there are many camera bumps and a few focus bumbles) as well as the sometimes shaky script, music and performances. However, in projecting a high-intensity familial drama in an incredibly straightforward and literal manner, Mr. And Mrs. lays its subtext bare and directly comments on society, attempting to provide a cautionary tale and a blueprint for handling hard times in a marriage; an ever-changing relationship that needs care and attention. Free from postmodern cynicism and irony, and rife with vitality, this film is a breath of, not fresh, but pure, air.

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