Thoughts On: Queen (EOTWS)

Queen (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #28 extract: Queen (2014)

Tremendous. Phenomenal. A flawless piece of entertainment. It's not a Tarkovsky picture, but, by God, this a masterpiece of some sort that has left me buzzing with joy. 
Queen is, in a way, a comedy-adventure, but more so a film about a new-age or modern pilgrimage where the naive and sheltered enter into a world of chaos, danger and hedonism to emerge a greater, enlightened person. In such, this is a film about freedom and discovering ones own strengths and abilities as an independent person. This is not a new concept and, whilst this does break many of the traditional Bollywood picture conventions, nor is this a non-formulaic film. However, all that it does, it does perfectly. And Kangana Ranaut is certainly the shinning light of this movie. 
There's not much more to say than that this is a new personal favourite and a film I can't recommend more.

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