Thoughts On: Sans Soleil (EOTWS)

Sans Soleil (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #31.2 extract: Sans Soleil (1983)

Truly remarkable and an irrefutable masterpiece, Sans Soleil (Sunless) is a cine-poem that, from an outsider's perspective, explores and contemplates various elements of other cultures, primarily that of Japan, in juxtaposition to existential themes of memory and time. 
Though it takes a lot of patience to immerse yourself into the world of this narrative, once you manage this, you are locked in; the incredible aesthetic, affecting montage and evocative prose in V.O all merge into an indescribable sensation of awe and wonder that drive deep into a literal and conceptual human curiosity. 
Having been left pretty much speechless, all I can do is recommend Marker's Sunless as a genuine and stunning attempt at simultaneous exploration and introspection through the medium of film.

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