Thoughts On: Teen Wolf (EOTWS)

Teen Wolf (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #21 extract: Teen Wolf (1985)

A fantastic film, one I've been watching since I was young, and though it is aged and imperfect, I've always loved it. 
The best thing about this movie has to be its tone. Teen Wolf captures the feel of the 80s high school movie wondrously with some great sound design (that, admittedly, has its problems), perfectly-matched music, brilliant characters and an entertaining, though formulaic, story about popularity, teen problems and finding yourself. 
To me, this is still the VHS I'd stay awake at nights to get through; warm, completely harmless, imbued with nostalgia, and plainly tremendous for what it is. The one thing I still don't understand is why Scott would even think to go for Pamela over Boof. Nonetheless, a lasting personal favourite.

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