The Arctic Giant (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #8.2 extract: The Arctic Giant (1942)

Surprisingly stupid, though, equally interesting and, with its own sense of style, kinda cool. 
This is a short cartoon from the original Fleischer series - the first to ever depict the character of Superman. It is about a group of scientists that discover a frozen Tyrannosaur in the arctic, bring it back to America (**refrigerated, of course**), but, through an unlikely accident, it is thawed out, allowing it to come back to life and terrorise the surrounding city. Superman then has to fight it off as Lois does a whole bunch of dumb shit. 
Story-wise: horribly executed. But, with a strong aesthetic when it concerned non-humans, The Arctic Giant was ultimately somewhat fun. I can't wait to see DC's remake of this one.

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