Thoughts On: The Disney Series

The Disney Series

This is an open series covering a vast swath of animated Disney films, so expect more posts. Here's everything listed, by date, oldest to newest, Snow White to the latest Disney film I've covered...

Der Fuehrer’s Face (EOTWS)

The Sword In The Stone - Cinematic Rules

The Jungle Book - The Bare Necessities

The Little Mermaid - Character & Audience

The Little Mermaid - Character & Story: An Adventure In Fantasy Beyond Imagination

Beauty And The Beast - Escaping The Throes Of Abuse, Destruction And Dysfunction

Aladdin - Fantasy & Truth

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Where Holidays Come From

The Lion King - What The Circle Of Life Actually Means

The Lion King - The Art Of Self-Referentialism & The Hyperbole

Toy Story - Computers Are Just Tools

Hercules - Zero To Hero

Mulan - Heroes

Fantasia/Dumbo/101 Dalmatians/A Bug's Life - The 4 Modes Of Animation: Why Animation Is So Important

A Bug's Life - The Collective Individual: How Family Movies Work

Tarzan - Rock & Roll Nerds: Disney And The Dead Parent Thing

Monsters, Inc. - Parenting

Finding Nemo - Silencing Spectacle

Zootopia - You, The Crowd

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