Thoughts On: The DSU


The DSU is a series of science fiction stories told in the form of screenplays (movies). Click on whatever interest you to read online for free now:


You can also download and own these screenplays as ebooks at:

Whilst prices are fixed on Amazon, pricing on Smashwords is dependent on you. You may choose to download the ebooks for free or pay otherwise. That said, individual ebooks cost $3.99 (£3.99). However, with DSU Collections, which are only available on Amazon, you can pick up 3 screenplays for just $8.99 (£8.99), so make sure you check out the links above.

To find out more about these screenplays and writing in general follow the link...

If you'd like to read any screenplays with standardised formatting please click here to download them for free.

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