The Heart Of The World (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #21 extract: The Heart Of The World (2000)

An incredibly impressive short film, edited to run at a million miles an hour, juxtaposing theatrical suffering with death, capitalism and love. 
It seemingly means to comment on the arts as a captivation of human emotion and sensibilities with creativity being the 'heart of the world'. By having theatrical suffering, death and capitalism fight for this position, there seems to be an implied conflict between such concepts that is nonetheless overcome by cinema - as this is what the woman (she who all of these personified themes fight for the hand of) transforms into when journeying herself to the heart of the earth. With cinema itself having all of the mentioned elements within, this film is then seemingly an affirmation of a higher purpose to cinema that transcends its theatrical roots, morbid fascination, clichés and money. 
Well worth the watch and a moment or two of thought.

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