The Matrix (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #7.3 extract: The Matrix (1999)

Every time I return to this film, and I've seen it dozens of times, I assume I've seen it all. But... nope. There's always more to be said about, and found within, The Matrix. In such, whilst I find new faults, there's always an affirmation that this is nonetheless a masterpiece. 
What really struck me today was a core problem with the script. In the simplest terms, the Wachowskis have seemingly written a film called the Matrix, and then decided to write a script about it. So, whilst it's nice to see two directors in complete control of their story and its message, for them to constantly remind us of this fact with overt symbolism, references, metaphors and exposition is quite trying. 
With more ambiguity and indirect storytelling, The Matrix would probably be one of my all time favourite films. But, as is, The Matrix is a compelling film that I can't stop returning to for the insane world building and complex, far-stretching narrative.

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