Thoughts On: World Cinema Series

World Cinema Series

This is an open series that will find one film from every country in the world and talk about it. Click here to see the list of countries and choose a film that way. Or, here's everything, newest to oldest...

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SDU: Sex Duties Unit - Defiance In A Libidinal Adventure?

Ernest & Celestine - Simple Brilliance

Forest Of The Gods - Hush

A Virgin Among The Living Dead - Impressi...

Lion Of The Desert - Coasting

Out Of My Hand - The Grind

Weekend At Mafeteng - Positive

West Beirut - Divide

A Limousine The Colour Of Midsummer Eve - Searching For Comedy

The Rocket - Transcending Your Lot

Beshkempir - Mud Fights & Honey

Shok - Treachery

I Saw The Devil - In Search Of Humanity

Pulgasari - Tyranny In The System

The President's Dilemma - Rising Tide

Nairobi Half Life - 1+1=0.5

Tulpan - The Long Return Home

Theeb - Spheres Of Influence

Kwaidan - The Limitations Of Anthology Horror

The Harder They Come - Crime, Punishment & Insight

The Nights Of Cabiria - Tragedy: Italian Neorealism vs. Aristotle

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem - Possessed By Law

The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Change & The Presentation Of Death

Son Of Babylon - Aftermath

Children Of Heaven - Where Shoes Carry You

The Look Of Silence - Humanity, Humility, Humiliation

Sholay - The Masala Film

The Sweetest Mango - A Sour Workplace Romance

Rams - The Lonely Extinct

Werckmeister Harmonies - The Voice & Image Of Spectacle

Project A - The Quintessential Action Hero

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