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With the Receptacle Series complete, it's time to move on from screenplay no. 5 of The DSU. So, with that, we obviously come to the next screenplay and an announcement. I have no specific dates yet, but screenplay no. 6 is...

Fallen Legacy is a psychological sci-fi adventure. As it is not yet finalised, I won't delve into details, instead mention that, as always, the full screenplay will be available on the blog, as an ebook on many sites and also available for download here. And, like I said, no specific dates yet, but the screenplay should be ready by the end of this month/middle of the next. With its release I want to continue with creating series that expand upon the stories I write, in turn starting a new line of essays that explore what informed and inspired this screenplay. What's more, with this new collection of series, I'll be creating a new page that brings together all screenplay related materials that will be called Writer's Notes. That name might change, but what it'll allow me to do is add some background to all of the screenplays, creating a larger network of material that can be apart of The DSU. What this would entail could be anything from essays on related films, more series for previous screenplays without them, or even posts answering questions, or delving into interesting things related to The DSU.

So, overview. The next screenplay is going to be Fallen Legacy. This will come out hopefully by the end of this month. Following this up will be a new series of essays which will form a new page or collection of essays related to anything DSU. I hope you look forward to that, and, yeah, thanks for reading.

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