Blog News

No. 6 of The DSU is done. Fallen Legacy is on the blog. The Legacy series has been completed. What's more, Writer's Notes is up. That means quite a few boxes have been ticked and new ones need to be drawn up, so, what's to be expected?

Firstly, The Disney Series. I've not been keeping up with this, neither have I continued the stream of posts on Tarkovsky's book, Sculpting In Time. This is my new focus: to keep up with the open series. We're around 10 or 11 deep into The Disney Series and have at least 18 more to go. And we've only just started with Tarkovsky's book, so there's some things to look forward to.

The main thing though is obviously going to be No. 7 of The DSU. It's called...

Perish is about Jim, who signs up to training camp on an alien planet run by tyrannical madmen who have nine months to prepare a squadron of two-hundred men for war against an alien species.

I won't divulge any more details and I don't have a release date, but it should be coming soon. But, that's around about that. Expect more from the Disney Series, Tarkovsky's book and The DSU.

Thanks for reading.