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As you'll see in the next upload, which will be up in a few minutes, a very minute addition has been implemented on posts attached to any series. This is quite simply this end tag:

< Previous     post in the series     Next >

This will simply allow a smoother navigation from post-to-post. To check this feature out and explore the series on the blog, this is a good place to start...

Or, to further explore the Disney Series, just wait for the next post. (I know the links will be redundant in some places, but they're there nonetheless and for the sake of continuity).

The final bit of news on the theme of series (gotta hate words without plurals) comes down to the posts centred on Tarkovsky's Sculpting In Time. I've only posted 2 essays on this book, and despite my aim to keep up with posting about it, I've not been doing that. This is because I'm not finding the posts I write about the book of much worth, and so see little reason to continue pushing out content not worth reading. As a result, I'm suspending the series. I'm not sure if I'll return to it if and when I find a better way to tackle this type of essay, but for now, the Sculpting Series has been put out of sight and out of mind.

So, new tags have been added to series posts, and uploads on Tarkovsky's book have been ambiguously discontinued. Apologies to anyone who enjoyed the series. But, to use the tags, check out the newest upload which should be up by now...

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