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This is a post that's meant to shine some light on a few small changes on the blog as well as announce a few releases from The DSU.

Firstly, links around the screenplays on the blog have changed. PDF downloads have gone (but can still be found on The DSU homepage) and so have links to Kobo. The links to download the ebooks on Kobo have been switched to Smashwords. This is simply because of a personal preference of site. Through Smashwords you can pick up DSU stories at a price you decide. You can download them for free instead of reading them on the blog, or can choose to pay whatever amount you wish. I leave that to you.

Through Amazon, however, I have released the first of the DSU Collections. These are 3-pack stories that cost $8.99 (£8.99) whilst individual stories cost $3.99 (£3.99) - all apart from Apologetic?, which, for amazon.com users (those in America), is still completely free.


If you're interested in picking these up instead of reading stories online, links will be provided in the end. These collections will continue to come out every third book, meaning the next will come out soon after no. 9 is published. You may also be hearing more about other collections in the future, but we'll leave that on a cliff hanger.

For now, and before I let you go, just a reminder that book 7 of The DSU will be coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that and more announcements on the blog.

Thanks for reading. If you want to pick up any ebooks or collections I'll now leave you with some links...

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