Thoughts On: Bad - Who Knew???


Bad - Who Knew???

Quick Thoughts: Bad (1987)

The Michael Jackson song.

I'm probably about to sound like a complete moron to many people, but, Martin Scorsese, Martin Scorsese, directed this music video... yeah... the guy who made Goodfellas, Mean Streets and a billion other films we all know. Who the fuck could have guessed this!?

I honestly thought it was a joke as I was looking through Scorsese's filmography, but, apparently not. And looking at the full 18 minute music video you do get the feeling that it is Scorsese directing - the fast zooms and pans really give it away. This makes sense considering his notorious use of music throughout his films and other works of his such as George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Shine A Light and No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. But, Scorsese even goes and pulls another Hitchcock-esque cameo in this music video as he did in Taxi Driver...

... just look:

And added to this, we also get a young Wesley Snipes...

... yep, Wesley Snipes...

So, whether it be an amusing fact or something you already knew, maybe this changes the Michael Jackson music video for you somewhat. If not, well, it surprised and interested me.

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