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Apologies for the thin output of posts so far this month, I've been busy finalising book 7 of The DSU - which will be out tomorrow. It will be available on Amazon (£/$3.99) and Smashwords (you decide the price) as always. But, there is going to be a change in how and when the screenplay comes onto the blog.

Whilst I usually put screenplays up here at the same time as publishing them elsewhere, this time I'm only going to put up a sample. Don't worry though, the full screenplay will be up after the Perish Series - a collection of posts that will explore the films that inspired or informed this screenplay - is finished. I've chosen to do things this way as, if you really want to download the screenplay you can just do so, but, if you want to be given more of an introduction to it and frequent the blog then it seems to make sense to release the online version in this order.

So, look out for the sample that will go up tomorrow - at the latest, the day after tomorrow - with links to download the ebook. And also get ready for the Perish Series. What I'll then leave you with is a word on what you'll be seeing tomorrow...

A simple young man signs up to a military base on an alien planet to be trained for war by tyrannical mad men.

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