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We've got quite a few announcements today, I'll try to keep things as short as possible. First things first, and as you may have seen, the Perish Series has been completed. This has been the longest series on a screenplay that I've run so far, and I hope you enjoyed it. As you may remember from the last DSU/Blog News, the series being over means that Perish will now be put up on the blog. This will be done by the end of tomorrow, so, if you're interested in reading that now we've got through the series, keep an eye out. Perish will be put out in (I think) 4 parts - it may end up being 5 - and the many links leading to the sample will be changed to lead to the full screenplay.

Next up, we have to talk more about series. Number one: apologies for the lack of Disney Series posts. I wanted to put out the Perish posts in a consistent stream, but kind of folded in the end. I attempted to do this so that I could focus on just getting the Perish Series done as well as better lead up to the release of the screenplay. This is what held up the Disney Series posts, but, no need to worry, the next essay, which will be on Hercules, is what I want to tackle as soon as possible.

Now for the more exciting stuff concerning series: more are sprouting from my mind and will (for some reason). The next series I'll then be starting soon will be called Every Year In Film. As the name implies, we will be looking going through the entirety of cinematic history, starting at the earliest point, one year at a time. We will be covering one film from every year, and I will try to choose a film that has historical significance, but is also intriguing and something you may not be expecting. This will obviously be a really long series, and so we will dot it along our timeline as we have done the Disney films. (Side note, we are just over halfway done with the Disney Series). I hope we can all learn a whole bunch about film history as we trawl our way through this series, so get ready for a long ride.

The next thing about series actually involves us talking beyond the blog. If you follow me on Letterboxd, you'll know I throw up parts of everything I write on the blog there. I've been doing this for a while, but haven't been using that platform as best as I could. So, a day or two ago, I decided to start doing short reviews on Letterboxd. I did this for a few reasons. The main one is that I watch more films than I write about on the blog. I don't write about everything I watch as not every film has hidden meanings, nor a detail I can play with, explore or expand upon. And because I try to always give you more than just a review on the blog, I refrain from throwing that kind of thing at you. However, I find short content, reviews or short thoughts, somewhat valid as well as enjoyable to read and write. This is why I've started writing short reviews on Letterboxd. If you aren't a user of this site and want to read these reviews, no need to worry. I'll be throwing all of my short reviews onto the blog every Sunday in a new series called End Of The Week Shorts. That way, you don't have to keep up with my Twitter or Letterboxd stream and just get everything you want on here.

Whew... this is a lot of news. Getting closer to an end, we have to talk about the incomplete series on my early screenplays (which went up before I started doing series). The two series that need wrapping up are the Inaffection and For Annabelle ones. I will try and weave these into the future stream of posts, but won't be focusing too heavily on them. And you may as well know that other plans will start springing into action after these series are caught up with. The details of these plans will remain ambiguous until everything's finalised though.

The last thing is: Book 8 Of The DSU. This will come out some time in the near-ish future, and I suppose I can give you a little peek at the title and general design...

I won't say any more than that on that subject.

So, 1) Perish will be on the blog tomorrow, 2) The Disney Series will soon continue with Hercules, 3) We'll be started a new series called Every Year In Film, 4) We'll also be starting up End Of The Week Shorts, 5) I'm going to push to complete the Inaffection and Annabelle series, and finally, 6) Book 8 Of The DSU is "The Red Kaleidoscope Rainbow". If you're interested in following me on Letterboxd, here's a link...

Other social media stuff can be found in the about tab. If you need to catch up on the Perish Series, here's a link for that too...

And... I think that's around about it. Thanks for reading.

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