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This is a post to tell you about something you may not be interested in. I have started a WordPress blog that's also called Thoughts On... that is actually a carbon copy of this blog. The reason I've created a WordPress version of this blog is simply to test a different website and aesthetic so that, if you prefer the other website and how it functions (which will be very similar), you can go there for my content.

To kick start the WordPress Thoughts On, I will be spending a period uploading all of the previous essays from this blog there. This means that I'll be re-posting three essays a day until the WordPress Thoughts On is up to date with this one - which will take a few months at the least. There will be absolutely no change to this blog as this is ultimately just me putting my work in more places on the internet.

So, if your interested in seeing, or re-visiting a stream of my old posts (apologies if they're terrible, different, or not to the same standards that you're currently used to), here's a link:

You can keep up with this blog by following my social media stuff (found on the About page) or by following the WordPress Twitter stream...

Thanks for reading.

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