DSU News

This is an update on the current situation of book 8 of the DSU. As I had notified in previous updates, the story was close to be completed. However, due to problems with my computer, my files were corrupted and I lost months and months of work on the screenplay. After having recovered an old backup, and with a lot of painful work ahead of me, I still had computer issues. I have recently sorted this out and so will be able to continue work on the screenplay. I can't say exactly when the story will be completed, but within the next few months it should have been re-refined and then refined a few times more before I can get around to publishing it. Apologies for the huge setback, but The Red Kaleidoscope Rainbow will be finished eventually.

That said, I have been quite lazy with a few other projects connected to the DSU, which I'm hoping to announce soon, and so I aim to put some focus onto that too. With the last few months I've been able to put a lot of concentration into the blog, and hopefully this is reflected in more than the greater number of posts. So, despite having to split my focus more, things should continue as more-or-less normal.

To conclude, there's more to come from the DSU, including book no. 8, but, until then, we'll talk about films as normal. Thanks for reading.

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