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This is an update of the previous blog news in which we announced the 'end' of the Disney series. As implied there, I was thinking about starting a Ghibli series... and it starts today. The Ghibli Series will run through 20-21 of the studio's feature-length animated films. We have already covered Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind tangentially, My Neighbour Totoro shortly and Howl's Moving Castle in depth. We should have opened with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, but, because that film went over my head, we'll start with Laputa: Castle In The Sky. (I've already written this post and will be publishing it soon). We will go in-depth on My Neighbour Totoro when we come to it, as we will be going through the Ghibli films in the order in which they came out, oldest to newest, and I may re-do the post on Howl's Moving Castle. The mentioned films will already be on the Ghibli Series page, but we will continue to add to it, more or less, every week.

As the Disney Series was, this will be a chance to dive into the narrative meaning of mainstream animated cinema as I believe that these are the most accessible, but easily overlooked films that, often, can be full of depth and be incredibly profound. So, I hope you look forward to all that will be coming out of the blog, and this certainly doesn't mean that the Disney Series is done - updates with that will come soon. With all of that said, the post on Castle In The Sky should be up shortly, so...

Thanks for reading.

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