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DSU/Blog News

This is just a small post meant to say that Book 8 of The DSU is going up today. Previously, I said that I'd put it up in sections across multiple days. Having sat on that plan for a while, I've decided I don't like it. All three parts will go up in a few hours or less. If you've not read the series attached to the screenplay or if you've missed any posts, here they are.

I'd really like to emphasises that, if you read the blog on a phone or any other smaller screen, such as a iPad, when you first click on the screenplays the formatting will appear strange - you won't be able to read it. Don't worry. The first link at the very top of the page directs you to a version of the screenplay that will work with smaller screens.

The reason why I have to do this, if you care to know, is simply because of the HTML formatting of the screenplay. The basic HTML setting of the blog has it look like what you are seeing now. A screenplay needs special formatting with certain things centralised and given different margins. I then have to create specific HTML documents for the screenplays to work on the blog. However, because the screenplay needs a relatively complex format, it is (with my knowledge of HTML) impossible to get it to look as it should on large computer screens and small phone screens at the same time. As a result, I have to create large and small formatted versions. Alas, the point is: make sure you click that link at the top. I know there's a tendency to just zip past the stuff at the top, but I put (some of) it there for good reason.

There will be more news up in a while that will talk a little about what's the next large project for the blog. For now, just keep an eye out for the next screenplay.

Thanks for reading.

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