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Recently, working on the blog has been a little bit of a struggle - for multiple reasons, some practical, some mental. The blog has not stopped being something of value to me, however, and so I have been trying to devise strategies to better apply myself to the blog and to create better work. Of the recent months, I have moved away from just trying to make an argument for what a film means - in truth, I have been progressively moving away from this for more than a year. This movement, or rather expansion, has been a natural process that I wasn't first conscious about, but soon was. Whilst I find value in exploring meaning in films, and always will, when you write hundreds of posts a year, it is hard to not repeat a set of ideas, or re-apply an unchanging philosophical structure. When repetition arises, the exhaustion of ideas becomes imminent. I have then been making greater efforts to expand my sources of thinking and ways of thinking. Of the recent months, you would have seen many references to Jung as a consequence of this, and, in the future, my pool of references should grow further.

Integrating more thought into the blog alongside the series, which deal with film history and the exploration of world cinema, was going well for some time. I have come into trouble recently, however, with the film history side - as many would have noticed. In trying to expand the Every Year Series, the output has slowed dramatically - and I'm still trying to figure out a way to confront this problem. Alas, to add something new to the blog, to help it expand, I am going to start experimenting with essays that aren't just about cinema. Film will remain the heart of the blog, but, just as I sometimes introduce literature and music outside of cinema into essays on film, I would like to start writing essays about music and literature alone (and that may use references to cinema).

It is my hope that this will provide fresh content for the blog, content that you enjoy reading, and material that will support future essays. For now, this is just an experiment. I will attempt writing a few posts on any art - music, music videos, plays, books, sculpture and painting, etc. - and if this works, I will continue to do so. The first post will be up very soon, and more will follow naturally. I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts and suggestions from you readers as the blog goes through a few changes. Furthermore, I will keep you posted on any further alterations to come. But, for now, thanks for reading.

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