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This post is just a recognition that there are now ads on the blog - you'll see them if you don't have adblock on. Beyond this I suppose I should notify you that a while ago on "Her - In Quest Of Receding Intimacy" I received this comment:

Just in case that's not too clear on certain devices, it says "Don't hot link images. It's not nice to expect someone else to pay the bandwidth for images in your blog. The chimp/typewriter image...

... is public domain, so go find your own copy, please." with my reply "Image fixed. Issue of hotlinking noted. Thanks".

Hotlinking simply means copy and pasting images from somewhere like Google. Having not known that this wasn't the best thing to do and that it was kind of a form theft, I had copied and pasted images onto 150+ posts. However, in receiving this comment I was no longer ignorant to the subject, fixed the chimp image you see above and continued to only insert images on the blog by downloading them onto my computer and then uploading them. In the months since the post on Her (posted on 15/11/2016) I've been taking down images, downloading them and re-uploading them onto the blog. This was an invisible job, for the most part, that I only finished a week or so ago. But, in fixing all the images I came across quite a few that had their links broken. What this means is that whoever was providing the bandwidth for the image changed or removed it on their end which left my images blank. I apologise for any inconvenience, confusion or frustration this may have caused anyone and all images on the blog should now be fine. If you come across any broken images, please notify me and I'll get on it.

Beyond being slightly humorous to some of you imagining me having to work for months to reverse a school boy error, this might serve as something of a lesson to you - maybe don't hotlink images if you have a blog. Either way, after fixing the images, I got the ads put up and I don't know how long they'll be there, but, it is what it is.

And... yeah, that's it. Thanks for reading.

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