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The shorts are coming back. I've been on holiday for some time - also trying to figure through a few things, and so the work on the blog has slowed. But, for those who are still eager to read, I have news: the shorts are back. For 100 weeks straight (ish - maybe we missed a week, I'm not sure), we released 7 or more reviews every Sunday. Over those weeks, more than 800 movies were reviewed. You can view the list of them all here, and you can see the shorts in their entirety here.

I stopped with the shorts as 100 weeks felt like a nice round number - and I grew somewhat tired of them. In truth, I hit a bump with film and writing in general. Such is life, and life goes on. And, as it happens, so will the shorts. But, the format will be different now. I have decided to release the shorts when I have 5 in the bank. At least one series of shorts should appear each week - I do not feel like releasing them on the same day each week as of now. That may change. I hope you enjoy the shorts.

All the best, and thanks for reading.

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