Thoughts On: The DSU Anouncement


The DSU Anouncement

This isn't a Thoughts On: essay, but an announcement. As may know I'm a writer. I write screenplays. In doing/being so I've created the DSU, a universe of sci-fi stories. I release these screenplays as ebooks on Amazon. So far I've published 4, but only do so to have my stories out there. In other words, I don't really want to sell them. You'll know this seeing the featured post to the right - that's one of my full stories available for free in full on this blog. In short, I'm releasing all my stories both here and on Amazon. On this site it will be free, but will still be $1.41 or £0.99 on Amazon - because that's as cheap as I can make it.

What this means is that the samples to the screenplays are gone. So they'll be a few half-broken links on the site for a while. But only until next month, when the first three screenplays start to go up. So, that's my main announcement: the dates of when you'll be able to join the DSU for free and read the first 3 stories if you already haven't.

However, just before that, one more thing. You can't have a universe with just 4 stories. There's a lot more coming from the DSU and soon. I don't have specific dates yet, but I do have teasers. Before that, let's do the before that just mentioned the dates.

Inaffection: The Absence


A sci-fi/drama about a man who contemplates truth an battles disbelief  as he tries to find a true reality by way of observing his theoretical physical phenomena to do with the start of creation, the big wave.

Virtue's Ploy


A sci-fi/fantasy about Brian who attempts to negotiate his way to presidentship by unleashing deadly viruses on a space station full people whilst threatening to do the same to the world.

For Annabelle


A Backpacker goes from store to store where he engages in conversations with clerks before killing them and robbing their money, all in search of something very specific.

That means starting next month you are (hopefully) going to join The DSU. Don't want to wait? Well, they'll be a link below as always to download these all now, or, you could join now with...

Oh, and the bit about teasers, I can tell you that book 5 is a pivotal story in the series, and is called...

I'll say nothing more about apart from: I'l be launching a new series connected to the story, The Receptacle Series. If all that's not enough to look forward to, I don't mind dropping a few more future titles with their completed covers...

And there you go. The DSU announcement - a reminder to stay tuned.

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