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A little bit over-schedule, but complete nonetheless, Book 6 of The DSU is available now...

Links to where you can read this now will be provided in the end. Fallen Legacy is a sci-fi fantasy as well as a psychological adventure about...

Preserved through a plague she inadvertently created, Dr. Clara Andrews wakes millions of years in the future to a hostile and evolved world she must now survive in.

The screenplay will be on the blog on the 26th - that's two days from now. From there we'll open the Legacy Series where, as always, I'll talk about the films that are connected to or inspired this screenplay. If you saw or remember the last blog news post, you'll also know that with the release of this screenplay will come a new part of the blog: Writer's Notes. This is a segment that I'm sure will grow beyond its title, but here I'll be posting all the talks linked to The DSU in one place. As implied, there may be more to this page as time goes by, but to see what, you'll have to wait for the 26th and all that proceeds.

So, an overview, Fallen Legacy, Book 6 of The DSU is complete. It will be on the blog on the 26th. With this comes the Legacy Series as well as Writer's Notes. If you can't wait the 2 days to read Book 6 or if you want to own the ebook, it can be picked up at:

To explore more from The DSU on this blog and for free, make sure you check out its page on the blog:

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