Thoughts On: Swiss Army Man - Something I Just Need To Get Out


Swiss Army Man - Something I Just Need To Get Out

Quick Thoughts: Swiss Army Man

Hank, stranded on a desert island, about to kill himself, stumbles upon a corpse capable of getting him back home.

I've been waiting for ages to get my hands on this movie and... fuck yes! This is an inarticulably brilliant film. I won't go to the effort of spitting out adjectives and so on, but this is an absolutely great picture. There's a million more ways to say it, but, please, just trust me. It's absurd in the most perfect ways, using a surreal blend of psychological delusion and metaphors to convey the story of an individual that has broken down, abandoned society, lost grip on all ideas of humanity, self-worth and life, but, with the help of a revived corpse, manages to find a way back to them, to see his life in a new and glistening light. For this, I can say no more than this is a film I will be watching over and over; this kind of film is the reason why I love cinema. It's not perfect, the direction of action around the third act gets pretty choppy, but, there is just so much splendour and awe-inspiring... just... greatness in this film that it really doesn't matter that much.

This might be a film I come back to with a coherent Thoughts On: talk to delve deep into the narrative, to actually say something worth reading, but, for now, I just want to tell whoever reads this to find Swiss Army Man and watch it. Please, just do yourself that favour.

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