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The next post in the Every Year series is about to go up. I'd like to take a moment, however, to acknowledge that it took a long time for this to happen. This has much to do with the fact that we're no longer dealing with short films in the series, and so research takes far longer. I then have to make it clear that I don't think it will be possible for the series to retain a good quality, and to improve, whilst keeping to a once-a-week schedule. Most will know that this blog doesn't operate around schedules, but, it does have some sense of timing to it. With this short bit of news, I think it's best to then confirm that the Every Year series posts won't be coming out as frequently as they did in the beginning. Instead, they'll be up every 2-3 weeks. I hope that everyone who follows the series sees this as a good move and looks forward to more.

That said, enjoy Every Year In Film #33...

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