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Hex - The Zone

Quick Thoughts: Hex (2017)

Two soldiers on opposing sides of a civil war are trapped in a forest.

Hex is a pretty good film. Whilst the action scenes are a little clunky and all of the performances aren't solid, this is a truly impressive micro-budget film. Set in England during the 17th century Civil War, this utilises some gleaming cinematography to further bring to life a twisted, breathing forest and illuminate what turns out to be a supernatural drama. Luckily, I had the chance to engage in an insightful Q and A with some of the cast and crew of Hex, and this highlighted how key the score was in building a strong cinematic space and an engrossing atmosphere. All of these components come together to create film that is, among other things, quite clearly inspired by Tarkovsky. In such, there is a sense of expanded Tarkovsky-time within Hex, as well as an attempt to use space as a representative of the landscape of the inner being. Across this landscape runs fanatics loyal to higher powers at war, which leads to deadly conflicts between men, the abstract and the transcendent.

I would not want to spoil any of Hex, but, approached knowing that this is a micro-budget feature and a slow, contemplative film, I think this is well worth the watch and a bit of thought. That said, if you've not seen this, you can check it out on Amazon Prime. If you have seen Hex, however, what are your thoughts?

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