Thoughts On: The House On Coco Road - Magnetism


The House On Coco Road - Magnetism

Quick Thoughts: The House On Coco Road (2016)

Made by Damani Baker, this is the Grenadian film of the series.

The House On Coco Road is a historical documentary told through personal allegories. In such, this touches on the conditions in America pre, during and post the Civil Rights movement, the weight of the Cold War on North American societies and the tumultuous political climate of Grenada in the 70s and 80s. The personal angle of this film is both is strength and its weakness. Viewing political history through certain figures gives information humanity and weight at times. At other times, however, the personalities of characters leaves you rather disengaged. Moreover, the conclusions of this documentary are rather weak and enlightening. So, though the visual exposition is solid throughout, seeping through this is a lack of magnetism.

Because this lacks a pull, I have to admit that this basically went over my head. This is on Netflix, however. So, if this sounds interesting to you, certainly give it a go. This is a well constructed documentary that some may find affecting.

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