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We Are Not Afraid - Look Back

Quick Thoughts: We Are Not Afraid: Inside The Coup In Honduras (Quién Dijo Miedo, Honduras de un Golpe, 2010)

Made by Katia Lara, this is the Honduran film of the series.

We Are Not Afraid is a very dense and highly chaotic documentary about the 2009 Honduran coup d'état. The coup was an offshoot of the constitutional crisis which, itself, was a political conflict between the government in power and the masses who wanted reform. It was set off when the Honduran military forced then-president Manuel Zelaya into exile after he pushed for a constitutional referendum. We Are Not Afraid exists in the direct aftermath of the exile, and it follows a selection of activists who are in support of Zelaya and who want the coup (his exile) to be internationally recognised. In addition to this, We Are Not Afraid documents human rights abuses committed upon protesters by the military and attempts to voice their struggle to the surrounding world.

This is a pretty powerful documentary, one that, as said, is chaotic and dense but nonetheless captures the atmosphere and climate of what we can only perceive to be hectic times. So, though the coup was almost 10 years ago now, this is well worth looking back upon as expressively capturing a significant moment in time for Honduras as it unfolded:

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